Making Kenora HOME is a group of individuals representing community members, community agencies, religious organizations and community leaders who meet to identify, discuss and take action on the multilayered issue of homelessness within the City of Kenora. Activating Kenora to address the housing needs of the impoverished requires community engagement, inclusion and commitment. Please join us in the fight against homelessness.

Week of Action Against Poverty is February 10-16 (2018 Report)

A Walk in Other's Shoes Poverty Challenge - Feb. 10-14
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HOMELESS IN KENORA: Stumbling into Homelessness (Volume XII) New

Fall Newsletter 2018

Kenora Substance Abuse and Mental Health Task Force video highlighting the work they do.

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City of Kenora's Homelessness and Behavioural Issues Task Force Work Plan, September 2013

Making Kenora Home gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation, which is a public foundation serving the people of Kenora, Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls, Minaki, Redditt, the First Nations and the unincorporated areas surrounding Lake of the Woods. The Foundation builds permanently endowed charitable funds for the changing needs and opportunities of the community and provides grants to eligible charitable organizations in the fields of; arts and culture, health and wellness, the environment, social welfare and the community fund.