Recommendations Report Card

Community Housing Development Report Card

Recommendations Progress Report - June 2010

1. Full-time Emergency Shelter
The Homelessness Partnering Initiative funding allowed continuous operation of the emergency shelter throughout 2009.  Further funding through Trillium in 2010 has increased the centre’s ability to provide shelter funding.  The shelter remained open past the winter season and is endeavoring to operate full time despite a lack of core funding.  Fund raising continues. In addition an intern position has been funded through Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation to develop a sustainability plan for the operation.
2. Eight Single Room Occupancy Units
In 2009, the Kenora Fellowship Centre submitted an unsuccessful proposal to the federal Social Infrastructure fund for the construction of 8 transitional units for those who have been homeless.  The proposal awaits further funding opportunities.
3. Twenty Single Room Occupancy Units
No come proponents have come forward yet.  The Kenora District Services Board must add 10 units to their portfolio but these units may either be built or subsidized within the region.  The KDSB’s regional housing consultation did confirm Kenora’s “desperate need”.  This need has been taken to AMO by the municipality in 2008 and 2009.  In 2009, the Lake of the Woods Development Corporation listed the alleviation of homelessness as a goal for the community.
4. Ten Single Dwelling Aboriginal Family Units
FIMUR through Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services has approved funding for 10 affordable family housing units to Aamikkowiish NonProfit Housing.  This proposal was put together in a community collaboration led by Womens Place, Saakaate House, Ontario Native Women’s Association, and the Ontario Metis Association.  The $2.89 million dollar funding covers the Construction of these permanent family units as well as 7 transitional units.
5. Municipal Tax Discount/Credit and Utility Credit for Low-Income Seniors
To be addressed.
6. Two Supportive Housing Units (Assistive Living for Seniors; Transitional Units for Victims of Family Violence)
In a creative partnership, Benedickson Court and Pinecrest partnered to offer on site assistive services for seniors within the housing complex.  With a varying fee schedule, residents can assess health and assistive living services. 

The Kenora Affordable Housing working group’s successful proposal through the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Support Services Corporation also included 7 transitional units for women leaving abusive partners.  The project is moving forward.
7. Rent Subsidization
The Ministry of Health has provided rent subsidization for 8 individuals experiencing mental health dysfunction.
8. Revolving House Trust
A steering committee entered dialogue with Habitat for Humanity.  As a result, the Winnipeg Chapter is now discussing expansion into Northern Ontario.  The committee is on hiatus until jurisdiction is sorted.

Furthering private home ownership, FIMUR have funded 6 homes to date locally in this funding cycle.  It is hoped that the program will be renewed and that more individuals will be sponsored for home purchases within Kenora.