If you are interested in becoming a member of Making Kenora HOME, send your name, phone number and email address (optional) to Making Kenora HOME. You will be asked if you wish to join a working group.
The purpose of the working groups is to support the vision of Making Kenora HOME and to work toward making it a reality.

All activities of the working groups are governed by the Making Kenora HOME initiative, overseen by the HUB and guided by the Principles set forth.

According to need and by consensus, designated working groups may be declared non-active (i.e., no active membership or working responsibilities) by the HUB and membership.
(i) BASE Working Group
The purpose of the Base working group is to promote community caring projects needed to support the vision of the initiative. Projects can include those sponsored by Making Kenora HOME or supported within the community through partnership and volunteerism.
(ii) OPTIONS Working Group
The purpose of the Options working group includes the research, cataloguing, articulation, planning and writing of proposals which support the vision of Making Kenora HOME.
(iii) COMMUNICATIONS Working Group
The purpose of the Communications working group is to increase community awareness and understanding of the issues associated with poverty within our community, ensuring the voice of the homeless is included in the work of the initiative and keeping the community informed of the progress of Making Kenora HOME.
(iv) IMPLEMENTATION Working Group
The purpose of the Implementation working group is to promote the development of tangible structures needed to support the vision of Making Kenora HOME as outlined in the Community Solutions for Affordable Housing Projects, May 15, 2007 report.
(i) Members of the general membership of Making Kenora HOME may self select one or more working groups to serve on. Membership in all working groups, except the HUB, is open and fluid.
(ii) All volunteers for a working group will notify the HUB to include or delete their names on the relevant Working Group membership list.
(iii) Only the HUB is subject to size limitations. There are no limitations to the size of a working group. A minimum of one member of the HUB will sit on and actively participate as a member of each working group.