Volume 3, Issue 1: April 2010

"Kay’shi’daay’ing—Where We Live."

HUB Executive

Nan Normand,Co-Chair
Ralph Page, Co-Chair, Treasurer
Pieter Joubert, Secretary
Don Denver, Emily Goss, Dan Jorgensen, Karen Essery, Shirley Kelly, Frank Kowal, Erika Olson, Diane Pelletier, Joan Schelske

What is Making Kenora HOME?

A concerned group working on solutions for homelessness in our community.

Guiding Principles

How do we achieve this?

Why is Making Kenora HOME important to us?

Potential landlords who are interested in developing affordable rental units within our community Contact Nan Normand at 468-8888


Our community’s fourth action week stimulated many creative responses to the multi-layered issue of poverty in Kenora. Local musicians took their messages of hope to concerts benefiting the emergency shelter as well as to YouTube.

Local businesses also offered fundraising activities.  Haps dedicated all of March’s Beef on a Bun profits to the Kenora Fellowship Centre. The Cornerstone and Shooters hosted concerts. The staff at CICB and Scotiabank wore red, collected food and donated funds to the winter hostel program. A local photographer donated art for auction and created a Love Out Loud calendar that put together scenes of local beauty with inspirational words for sale with all proceeds directed to the Fellowship Centre.

Also benefiting the emergency shelter were donations from the Lions Club, Four Directions Aboriginal Toastmasters, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Morningstar Centre and Bindigen Learning Centre. Legal Aid and the Northwest Community Legal Clinic organized an Olympic Spirit fundraiser with donations going to Triple Play.

Bring a Tin for the Bin*

*Bins located at Extra Foods, Safeway, Recreation Centre, Northwest Community Legal Clinic and all Making Kenora Home events

Further Information:



Aamikkowiish Non-Profit Housing has received conditional approval of $2.89 million to construct or acquire seven transitional units for women leaving abusive partners and 10 permanent family units.  The grant was awarded by the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Support Services Corporation through the First Nations Inuit Metis Urban Rural housing program.  Members of the Kenora Affordable Housing working group included Erika Olson (Womens Place), Bev Williamson (Ontario Native Women’s Association), Penny Cummine (Saakaate House) and Carol Blight Aamikkowiish Non-Profit Housing).  It was the commitment of these women that moved the project forward from a vision to construction.  A special commendation goes to Aamikkowiish. Of the four non-profit social housing boards within our community, it was the smallest group that stepped up to build forward.

The funding crisis that almost closed the doors at our local emergency shelter has generated further community commitment. The facebook based campaign undertaken by Making Kenora Home generated $10,000 to offset the $40,000 loss incurred by the Kenora Fellowship Centre when they kept their doors open despite truncated funding.  Trillium Founding further announced $150,00.00 funding to be spread over 3 years.  In addition, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation has funded a Sustainability Funding & Public Relations Intern position which will provide expertise to the Fellowship Centre for the development of a feasible business plan that will allow for 24/7 operation as well as the continuance of the winter hostel program.

The Kenora Metis Warmth and Wellness Group’s week long Knit-A-Thon produced 36 units of winter wear which were part of their distribution to the needy.  Kenora Patricia donated the first printing of the third booklet in the Homeless in Kenora series. Ho Jo’s hosted the book launch with their usual care.  Demand has been high and the booklet has had two subsequent print runs. Kenora’s faith community continued their annual prayers against poverty vigil.  Several local groups took their caring into the community soup kitchens including the KPC&FS Residential Youth Program, Nechee Centre and Making Kenora Home.  The specially prepared meals and camaraderie were much appreciated.

Other fundraisers included the Community Friends Bake Sale, the $20 community challenge and Anti-Racism Day Art Exhibit silver collection. Again, Making Kenora Home is proud to announce that the caring and sharing in Kenora outpaced our ability to track all of the events.

Upcoming Events

Walk Together
  Support for the Fellowship
    Hope for the Homeless
April 24, 2010, 10 a.m.
Devil’s Gap Marina to Fellowship Centre
Walk Coordinator:  Nancy Morrison

August Food Drive    Fellowship Centre Street Picnics