Volume 1, Issue 3: October 2008

"Kay’shi’daay’ing—Where We Live."

HUB Executive

Nan Normand, Co-Chair
Ralph Page, Co-Chair, Treasurer
Karen Essery, Secretary
Don Denver, Emily Goss, Dan Jorgensen, Pieter Joubert, Shirley Kelly, Frank Kowal, Erika Olson, Diane Pelletier, Joan Schelske

What is Making Kenora HOME?

A concerned group working on solutions for homelessness in our community.

Guiding Principles

How do we achieve this?

Why is Making Kenora HOME important to us?


August is "Kenora’s Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation" and this year’s activities reflect the continuing commitment of our community to tackling poverty. Local musicians organized their second annual benefit at the Lakeside Inn on August 17. Despite competing concerts and a soccer tournament, the organizing musicians, Jeff Rasmussen and Mike Procyshyn, raised $ & .  Performances featuring Jordon McDonald, Ainslee Everett and Bryan King left the young audience clapping for more. Across town, the staff of Lakewood Credit Union held a charity BBQ that garnered $500.00 to assist with Making Kenora Home’s community caring projects including the Saturday street picnics held during the month of August.

Music also appeared at one of the street picnics as two attendees decided to repay the meals with an impromptu concert. The talent was obviously in the guitarist’s fingers and not in the guitar that was held together with tape (and retaped mid concert!). The well attended picnics concluded with the traditional turkey feast. This year, ladies from Bethesda Lutheran baked up fresh pies to the delight of the attendees. WalMart’s charity committee also joined in to the campaign with their in-store food bin, tag day and corporate donations. Their total contribution to the Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation campaign was $3,040.00.

Community of Friends

The Community of Friends project continues this fall at the Minto Family Resource Centre. Mentors meet with neighbourhood residents at 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday evening. Tea and pizza have become the customary accompaniment to the conversation, cooking and crafts shared between participants.

HOME Recommendations

1. 24 hours emergency shelter.
2. 8 single room occupancy (SRO) units.
3. 20 SRO rent geared to income.
4. 10 single dwelling Aboriginal family units. 
5. Tax discount, utility discount or maintenance tax credit for low fixed income seniors.
6. 2 supportive housing projects; 10 transitional units for victims of violence, 10 units for senior supportive health and assistive living. 7. Rent subsidization; 15 units for single parent housing and 10 units for individuals experiencing mental health dysfunction.
8. Revolving housing trust for low income families.
Kenora has the opportunity to improve its quality of life by investing in these recommendations in addition to working in creative partnership.


Making Kenora HOME wishes to thank all of the individuals, families, groups, organizations and corporate sponsors who have contributed to addressing poverty and homelessness within our community. This season we recognize the generosity of WalMart, Lakewood Credit Union, Gord McTaggart and the HomeAid 2 Performers towards the Hunger Doesn’t Take A Vacation campaign.

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Networking Tenant Neighbourhoods

A series of BBQ’s were held throughout Kenora as a community organizing project focusing on tenant and neighbourhood issues. Meeting neighbours, obtaining tenant resource information and sharing concerns were accomplished against a back drop of camaraderie and old-fashioned fun. A special thanks goes to the landlords who supported these events. The primary concerns of the tenants were about neighbourhood safety and public transportation. Recommendations included brighter street lighting, expanded bus service and playground development.

This project was realized through a partnership between Making Kenora Home, Kenora District Services-Housing Services, Glenview Rentals, Womens Place and the Kenora Community Legal Clinic.


Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 7 p.m.
Jubilee Church of God Hall

Bring a Tin for the Bin*
*Bins located at Extra Foods, Safeway, Recreation Centre and all Making Kenora Home events.

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